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Motivational Quotes by Garrison Wynn

These quotes have been collected from Garrison's keynote speeches, programs, articles and books over the last 18 years. They are free for your enjoyment or use as long as an author attribution is included.

Motivational Quotes: Managing Emotions

The secret to happiness is not having very many secrets. - Garrison Wynn
The reason that obsessive worry has so little value, is because every problem comes with its own set of solutions. - Garrison Wynn
"Money may not buy happiness; but its better than poverty that cannot buy anything. Happiness is an inside job and a real job!" - Garrison Wynn
"If you really love what you do, you need less rest to do it well. So it makes sense that being grateful for your job can give you energy. "- Garrison Wynn
“Worry is not the symptom of a problematic life; it’s the problem. Situations pass that make our life difficult, it’s the worry that stay’s with us that makes us ultimately unhappy.”- Garrison Wynn
“To get rid of anger you can change the situation or change how you think about the situation.”- Garrison Wynn
“Anger management is being upset in an appropriate way.” - Garrison Wynn
“When the pain of what we are going through becomes greater than the fear of change we change.” - Garrison Wynn
“Heroes and cowards feel the same fear and action creates opportunities.” - Garrison Wynn
“I cannot tolerate my bad behavior in another person for 10 seconds” - Garrison Wynn
"Impatience has a poor track record for perfection. Getting things right usually includes calming down!” - Garrison Wynn
“The easiest way to maintain happiness is to lower your expectations of other people and raise them of yourself!” - Garrison Wynn

"If life keeps giving you lemons, its probably because you keep hanging out in the fruit section. Change creates opportunity.".- Garrison Wynn

Motivational Quotes: Communication

“We are what we repeatedly do but we can be perceived by what we repeatedly say.”- Garrison Wynn
“It does not matter how smart you are if nobody knows what you are talking about.” - Garrison Wynn
Companies are not driven by vision, they are driven by great leaders; be one and the vision shows up! - Garrison Wynn
“When you focus on how people feel about what they are saying, you increase the level of true concern you have for others. You actually start to become the person you thought you were pretending to be: a true leader!” - Garrison Wynn
“Business friendly is the middle ground between being too cold and uncaring and the other extreme of being too familiar”- Garrison Wynn
The value of being silent: I never miss an opportunity to say nothing.”- Garrison Wynn
“I disagree with you but I’m willing to listen.” - Garrison Wynn
“In life, it’s important to walk the walk and talk the talk. Unfortunately, if we don’t control our talk, it can overshadow how well we walk. - Garrison Wynn
“Without a repeatable process of communication in place, our assumptions shape our relationships. They limit our vision and reduce the impact of our knowledge and experience."- Garrison Wynn
“You can’t change people but you can effect a change in them by your behavior.”- Garrison Wynn
“The truth will set you free: believability will give you credibility.”- Garrison Wynn
“If you criticize others’ ideas, they will almost never use yours no matter how good they are.”- Garrison Wynn
“Practice makes polish and polish makes money.”- Garrison Wynn
“No communication takes place until the other person feels heard” - Garrison Wynn
“Helping people develop their own brilliance is much more effective than giving them yours”- Garrison Wynn
“People buy-into what they can understand quickly. If it takes you a long time to make your point, most people think you don’t have one!” - Garrison Wynn
“Communication is like the basics of mechanical engineering, the more moving parts you have the more likely it is to break down!” - Garrison Wynn

Motivational Quotes for Sales

“When the customer is wrong it is not a good idea to tell them.” - Garrison Wynn
“The longer it takes to explain value, the more people think you don’t have any.”- Garrison Wynn
“People buy from people they trust and they trust people they like.” - Garrison Wynn
“The truth can make a liar out of anyone” - Garrison Wynn

Inspirational Quotes

"Asking for help takes a lot more guts and courage than pretending you don't need any help." - Garrison Wynn
"Positive thinking is not enough. Accept that life has obstacles and then plan a path around them as you keep the faith." - Garrison Wynn
"Trying to change for other people does not work very well. The way to make change really stick is to do for yourself." - Garrison Wynn
“We seem to have a consistent unwillingness to be willing; and it takes a high level of motivation to achieve that lack of drive!” - Garrison Wynn
“Circumstances do not create the quality of your life.” - Garrison Wynn
“Connecting to your passion is being you, but better.”- Garrison Wynn
“Being stupid is not as frustrating as being brilliant for 5 seconds and then average for the rest of your life” - Garrison Wynn
“Why is it we never seem to have enough time to do it right but we always have enough time to do it again?”- Garrison Wynn
“The only way to STAY motivated is to continually motivate others”. - Garrison Wynn
“Don’t let the opinions of others define who you are. Take them into consideration, make adjustments if necessary and then go be you!”- Garrison Wynn
“True wisdom is reached when you have made so many mistakes there is nothing left to do but succeed!” - Garrison Wynn
“If risk is the key factor to success and really smart people avoid it, you might not be dumb enough to succeed!” - Garrison Wynn

Motivational Quotes for Leaders and Teams

“Its important that we do our job well, but we may not get the opportunity if we can’t learn to benefit from each other.” - Garrison Wynn
“People can’t give what they were never exposed to. Treat people the way you want them to treat others!” - Garrison Wynn
“When we look for differences instead of similarities, we create barriers for trust." -Garrison Wynn
“Communication skills are the foundation of team work, allowing us to transfer a message of support and hope so we believe as a group that solutions are possible.”- Garrison Wynn
“Thy key to being able to communicate and benefit from each other is to truly see you own value. That will allow you to see it more clearly in others.” - Garrison Wynn
A manager during change is like a sea captain, they need to get their ship together. - Garrison Wynn

Success Quotes

“If you don’t have personal goals, you’re controlled by those who do.” - Garrison Wynn
“Change is an action not just an epiphany!” - Garrison Wynn
“Knowledge is not power; Implementation is power” - Garrison Wynn
“Long-term success is the result of relationships built on a foundation of trust. People get more value from those they trust.” - Garrison Wynn
“Fear is a survival tool not a handicap.” - Garrison Wynn
“The smartest people in the world are not in charge, they work for the action takers.”- Garrison Wynn
“Satisfaction may be the goal of the common man; but it is the enemy of greatness”- Garrison Wynn
“Goals are like the gas in your car, you may go in many different directions after you fill up, but with out the gas you are not going anywhere” - Garrison Wynn
“Action and flexibility create opportunity” - Garrison Wynn
“Approach life talent first” - Garrison Wynn
“Before you can have great employees you have to put them in a position to create their own future." - Garrison Wynn
“You can’t lead by example if you are a bad example. If you stink at something, stop doing in front of everyone until you improve!” - Garrison Wynn
“Position yourself to succeed first by building good relationships with the right people; and then put your effort and expertise behind that!” - Garrison Wynn

Funny Motivational Quotes

“Most of us forget the basics and wonder why the specifics don’t work.”- Garrison Wynn
“All I ever wanted was an unfair advantage” - Garrison Wynn
“Squirrels are just rats with good publicity”- Garrison Wynn
“Taking accurate messages is the difference between copying and creative writing”- Garrison Wynn
“90% of the people who don’t believe in statistics are wrong”- Garrison Wynn
“ We don’t have any real justice in the legal system, you never see a headline that reads, Millionaire Gets Death Sentence.” - Garrison Wynn
“After spending some time with my soul mate I have come to the conclusion that I may have something wrong with my soul” - Garrison Wynn
“If time heals all wounds, then why are there so many ticked off old people walking around” - Garrison Wynn
“Some people are “projectile stupid”. That means they have the influence to actually make others dumb. Be-careful; idiocy is contagious!” - Garrison Wynn

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